Frank? Who’s that!?

Well, I’m a director, cameraman and editor in the world of online media. I graduated from this, but it’s mostly just doing it. Now I work for the Dutch public broadcaster BNNVARA, where I make the YouTube channel Drugslab. You can see more about that after this at my projects beneath this text about myself.

Wait wait wait before you scroll down. Because thats not all off course. It is. However I love to make online content and on this personal website I showcase my work. I hope you like it and if you do you can contact me at the end of this page. 🙌

Why is this all in english if you’re Dutch?
Because I think Internationally.



Cameraman, editor, director

Drugslab is an educational YouTube channel about drugs. On this YouTube channel Bastiaan Rosman, Nellie Benner and Rens Polman will take the drugs that the viewers want them to try. They do this in the name of science so they can show you what the effects of drugs are on the human body.





I wish there was a dollar sign before that number 💸


If you want to say something or you have a question (I can’t answer difficult questions about spaceships) don’t be scared and contact me.